Protecting First Responders – Apollo Safety Offers Gas Detectors for Police and Fire Vehicle Fleets

FALL RIVER, MA… In light of the recent toxic gas emergency in Massachusetts, where Auburn police officers were potentially exposed to carbon monoxide inside Ford Interceptor vehicles, Apollo Safety, Inc., the industry leaders in gas and toxic leak detection, has a simple solution for law enforcement and fire department fleets.

As providers of gas detection products and services for hospitals, universities, government operations, public utilities, manufacturing and other organizations, Apollo Safety offers Single Gas Detectors to be used in law enforcement and fire department SUVs, which will detect carbon monoxide, a potentially lethal gas that you cannot see or smell. Carbon monoxide poisoning is highly preventable. Detection is key and saves lives.

At low levels, carbon monoxide can cause short-and long-term damage, and at high levels, can be fatal. Carbon monoxide can cause headaches, dizziness, slowing down of the central nervous system and death. Carbon monoxide is also oxygen depleting. Oxygen deficiency will cause rapid fatigue, impaired judgment and coordination, and can quickly deteriorate to unconsciousness or death.

“Apollo Safety stands ready to protect those who protect us,” said John V. Carvalho III, Apollo Safety’s president, who has worked with fire departments on gas detection and safety for more than two decades.  Apollo Safety is a member of the National Safety Council, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Rhode Island Fire Chiefs Association (RIAFC) and the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts (FCAM).

He continued, “This is a serious problem that is under investigation. Law enforcement vehicles in Massachusetts as well as in Texas and California have been pulled from service due to the presence of carbon monoxide inside the cabins. Although the cause is still largely unknown, it is suspected that it may be related to holes drilled for custom installation of lights or other special police accessories.”

Police and fire departments throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island may contact Apollo Safety at 800-813-5408 to obtain Single Gas Detectors for their entire fleet to ensure safety.

Gas Detection Systems

Apollo Safety offers wide variety of portable and stationary gas detection systems suitable for government organizations and large institutions, including brands such as Industrial Scientific, RAE Systems, RKI, MSA and Honeywell. These systems are available for purchase or rental at weekly or monthly rates. Rental equipment is certified to NIST standards and is guaranteed for the entire rental period.

Apollo Safety also utilizes wireless gas detection systems, which report directly back to a command post miles away at the first sign of trouble. The wireless systems provide the ability to check gas levels in real-time, with the security of knowing that headquarters has access to the same readings.

About Apollo Safety

Founded in 1995, Apollo Safety, Inc. has grown to become the leading safety and technical services equipment provider in New England. As experts in gas/toxic leak prevention and detection, Apollo Safety goes beyond simply installing gas detection systems, to provide regular maintenance and monitoring (testing) of the systems to ensure they are continually in optimal working order.

Apollo Safety provides portable, stationary and wireless gas detection systems, sales and support for most major brands of gas detection device manufacturers, as well as service in their state of the art in-house service center. The company also provides onsite support with factory-trained technicians for both portable and stationary gas detection systems.

Apollo Safety is trusted by facilities managers, building owners, landlords, universities, hotels, institutions, government operations and others throughout the region. A small veteran-owned business (SVOB), Apollo Safety is located at 57 Walnut Street in Fall River, Massachusetts. For more information, call 800-813-5408 or visit