Procurement Assistance

Being proactive in your approach to supply chain management will help you gain an edge over your competitors.

International Trade Council supply chain and procurement experts are able to design bespoke supply chain solutions to meet your company’s specific needs.

The International Trade Council consulting team can professionally manage your supply chain solutions wherever you are in the world. We can focus on continuous optimization by using the International Trade Council’s standard operating procedures which are measured on the same performance indicators across all countries and activities. For you, this means that the right changes are implemented at all levels.

Flexible supply chains for dynamic businesses

A critical challenge for your business is being able to respond rapidly to changes in the market place; our flexible bespoke supply chain solutions can make this possible. We can help you to react swiftly and take advantage of new opportunities as and when these arise. We can provide everything from optimizing inventory and handling costs to responding to changes in product demand.

Providing accuracy and visibility to your supply chain

The International Trade Council understands the importance of delivering on promises. We can act on performance issues in your supply chain through constant internal and external measurements, and drive consistency in performance and processes, thus reducing waste. Our visibility solution allows you to always have the latest information on your supply chain performance, through extensive electronic data interchange program or ad-hoc search and reporting capabilities.

These services are available at a discount to members of the International Trade Council.

Integration across multiple supply chain elements

With the International Trade Council’s global reach and local knowledge, and with our unique integrated solution, we allow you to explore opportunities with new suppliers and new markets. We can get the right supply chain in place so your business can move fast, wherever you are.

A team of specialists dedicated to supply chain excellence

The International Trade Council is proud to have the highest customer retentions rate in the industry and with that we have managed to attain partnerships with the world’s most experienced providers of integrated supply chain management solutions. We can manage the global flows of goods, information, and financials for some of the world’s largest companies.