Pre-Employment Screening

With increasing employment regulation, pressure from investors, as well as competition for the best talent, businesses need to be able to make knowledgeable recruitment choices.

Hiring the incorrect person can have serious reputational, security, and financial consequences. As such, carrying out pre-employment screening that encompasses education, employment, criminal and credit records is becoming a much-needed step in the hiring process. This is critical for abolishing hesitation in your new employees.

The International Trade Council approved consultants can assist with background checks to help ensure that your business is presented with all of the important and relevant information in order to make the correct recruitment calls.

Pre-employment screening checks cannot only verify qualifications and skills, but also help determine an applicant’s potential efficiency as an employee.

This is an easy, fast, and effective service that helps companies in making better and much more assured hiring conclusions while mitigating future issues.

How does a Pre-Employment Check work?

  1. Applicants complete and submit a pre-employment submission form, providing their consent for these screening checks to begin.
  1. The actual checks conducted can be chosen by the business; selected for each level or responsibility of the job in question.
  1. Upon receiving the consent, our highly-trained team will approach past employers, referrers, and educational institutions via protected security systems and agencies. This delivering a fast and thorough service. A report is most typically issued within three to six business days, meaning that hiring selections can be made swiftly.

Why is pre-employment screening important?

The cost of employing the wrong applicant is reportedly 2.5 times their salary; accounting for poor productivity, repeat recruitment costs, and even possible employment trials.

Research shows most candidate applications contain some degree of impreciseness and that 30 percent falsify some details on their CV. This makes pre-employment screening in the modern day business world a necessity.

Making sure candidates are representing themselves honestly instantaneously reduces any risks to the business.

Furthermore, the checks help safeguard vulnerable people, satisfy any industry-specific requirement, and institute the candidate’s right to employment in the country.

By having a pre-employment screening, guilty applicants are more likely to remove themselves from the interviewing process.

What services do Council consultants and authorised agents offer?

International Trade Council background checks can aid businesses in enhancing their current recruitment processes through the following:

  • Providing access to more confirmed information than manual reference checks
  • Offering a choice of various checks as per industry or role necessities
  • 3 to 6 business day turn-around on reports
  • Using proven screening techniques
  • Forgery-proof online delivery
  • Full compliance with legislation
  • Obtaining online consent from candidate prior to checks
  • Providing online access for businesses and candidates
  • Decreasing hiring time
  • Reducing recruitment costs
  • Incorporating and complementing business’ existing staffing procedures

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