P&D Creative Co., Inc.: MAGIC 555™ Industrial Degreaser & Cleaner

A breakthrough technology to replace toxic chemicals with safe, nontoxic environmental friendly water base degreaser & cleaner

P&D Creative Co., Inc. a leading U.S manufacturer of completely safe, non-toxic and 100 percent Biodegradable Industrial, Institutional and Household cleaning products, introduce nontoxic water base degreaser & cleaner.

MAGIC 555™ Degreaser & Cleaner works on breakthrough colloidal technology that lifts dirts/stains from all solid surfaces without the use of toxic solvents, acids and caustic chemicals normally used by the industries. MAGIC 555™ provides superior performance and value to the users.  The active ingredients of the products are completely safe, non-irritating, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, bacteria free, phosphate free and biodegradable.

MAGIC 555™ is very effective in removing grease, oil, carbon, grime soils from hard surfaces in automotive, mechanical, manufacturing, refineries, power plants, food, pharmaceutical and transportation industries. Ideal for degreasing machines, machine parts and parts bath degreaser machines.

For further information: visit  www.pdcreativeinc.com  call 3017973503 or e-mail  support@pdcreativeinc.com.