Norman Katz Announces the Release of Two First-Of-Their-Kind Book Titles

Florida, USA – July 2016 – Norman Katz is especially pleased to announce the publication of two exclusive first-of-their-kind book titles.

“Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud” (August 2012) is the first book of its kind on the subject of supply chain fraud.  The book highlights how traditional supply chain software systems – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Business-To-Business (such as EDI or Electronic Data Interchange), and automatic identification systems like barcode labeling and scanning – that produce transactions used to analyze supply chains for performance and, in some cases risk, can also be used to detect and reduce fraud, whether perpetrated by employees, customers, or vendors.

“Successful Supply Chain Vendor Compliance” (December 2015) is the first book on record to tackle the topic of supply chain vendor compliance.  Written for both the customer/buyer enterprise seeking to effectively implement a vendor compliance program and for the vendor/seller enterprise who desires to be a non-disruptive supply chain participant, the book covers operational and technical strategies and tactics necessary to ensure success for each supply chain trading partner.

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About The Author

Norman Katz is the owner of Katzscan Inc. (, a consultancy firm specializing in supply chain vendor compliance, supply chain software, data analysis, improving operations, documentation development, training, and fraud and risk assessments.  Norman is a worldwide speaker on fraud and supply chain topics, and aside from his books has also been published in a variety of trade journals and newspapers.

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