eSchoolME – MENA School Management Software

A comprehensive school management system is what any school management would want, but mostly end up compromising on certain features in order to get others.

CRESCOtec_ is proud to present eSchoolME, its state of the art school management web application, which caters to the specific needs of  each school. With the new eSchoolME, CRESCOtec_ has entirely redesigned the user layout from ground up and further improved the user experience.

eSchoolME provides a web portal to all users – staff, students, as well as parents. This ensures that the parents can track the process of their children on their day to day activities. With multiple custom dashboards, each user can decide what data needs to be  displayed after log-in to the portal.

As expected, eSchoolME provides a comprehensive user management system which guarantees simplicity as well as security. The staff only gets access to the modules which need to be accessed by them.

The application also gives an option to have online as well as offline admission processes as per the school’s needs. With a feat feature of automatic marks compilation, the admin staff do not need to worry to make mistakes in the calculation of the marks.

The Messages and Communication module gives an option for bulk e-mail or SMS as well as one to one communication. The module can be used for example to send circular or to initiate one on one communication with the parent. This module is also linked to the access rights so that users only have access to data allocated to them. .

One of the most complex tasks for any school admin is to prepare a time table. eSchoolME provides an interface to the ASC Time Table application which makes the generation of complex time tables much easier.

The application is compliant with the reports which are required by the respective ministries and is updated periodically based on the requirements.

The health module of the application will help the school’s clinic to monitor the child’s health and at the same time allow the parent to get notified if any health related incident occurs. The transportation module is fully equipped to manage the transport fleet of the school including the route management. The library module makes lending and returning of books, a very simple task, and at the same time has control elements in place to avoid any mismanagement.

The application works in the principle of allowing integration with the APIs of other ERP application to ensure that data can be synced to and from other application to avoid duplicate work process. The application is also integration ready with other hardware such as biometrics to manage attendance and GPS to monitor bus movements.  The application also has an offline accounting module to manage fees and the outstanding fees can be access by parents to avoid late fee payment. The application can also be integrated with various payment platforms upon request.

With eSchoolME, CRESCOtec_ is in a strong position to cater the management needs of the schools so that they can concentrate on other important functions of the school.

About (CRESCOtec)
CRESCOtec offers three software packages mainly targeting the GCC market. One software package is build for schools and allows to administrate teacher, students, grades, etc. The package is available as a version hosted by the client or as a cloud-version hosted by CRESCOtec.

Another software package is build for real estate managers, covering the general management of properties and includes the region specific forms and reports. This software is available as desktop version and in autumn a cloud solution will be available as well.

Last but not least CRESCOtec offers an accounting solution, mainly used by manufacturing and trading companies.

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Communications Consultant
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