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Grant Name: International Growth Fund
Country: New Zealand
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Going global doesn’t come cheap. Investing in your international growth is a challenge that NZTE knows that every business faces.

Alongside their investment services, which help you with everything from identifying the right funding and capital options, to developing an investment plan, fine-tuning your pitch for capital raising, or making connections with investors, NZTE also offers certain businesses co-investment for specific growth projects, via their International Growth Fund (IGF).

Whether you’re looking to extend your international sales reach to build market and brand awareness, gain market perspective and insight, or develop and plan a successful growth initiative, the IGF helps you reap rewards faster than you would otherwise.

Am I eligible?

The IGF is available to NZTE Focus customers with less than $500 million international revenue, and to established Focus coalitions. The IGF is specifically for international growth projects that are considered beyond business-as-usual, involving either new activities or adding value to existing activities.

If you’re curious to know more, the first step is to check with your customer manager whether your business is eligible and if the project you have in mind fits the criteria.

How it works

The IGF is always part of a tailored package of services and support from us that are designed to help you maximise international growth opportunities and address challenges. This means any co-investment is always an integrated part of the plan we develop with you, and needs to be aligned with your overall growth strategy.

There are three levels of co-investment available to eligible businesses and projects:

  • Full IGF for an individual Focus customer: maximum of $600,000* over three years
  • Full IGF for a Focus coalition: maximum of $900,000* over three years
  • Market validation IGF for Focus customers: maximum $100,000* over 12 months

The co-investment ratio is 40:60 government:customer and excludes capital expenditure.

If your business and project is eligible, your customer manager will work with you to prepare a detailed business case about your project, and the potential benefits – not just for your business but for New Zealand (our expectation is that co-investment projects achieve a significant – at least four times – return on investment for the New Zealand economy; we call this direct economic impact).

To Apply:

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise