New online platform seeks to help the world’s small businesses grow through collaboration

Singapore-based internet company, bizzi, has launched an online collaboration platform to bring the world’s small businesses together to collaborate and win more business.

Launched in August, bizzi has a strong social purpose – to impact small businesses around the world with a low-cost way to achieve unlimited growth across industries and borders.  For founders Darren Harrison and Miriam Feiler, bizzi is the culmination of over two decades of running businesses in multiple countries, including developing nations, and witnessing first hand the struggles that so many micro and small businesses faced.

CEO Darren Harrison said, “We created bizzi to fix the problems that every small business faces – lack of resources, and lack of access to opportunities and contacts.

“By educating small businesses on how to set their collaboration plan and then enabling them to set up an unlimited number of collaborative teams on bizzi, we strongly believe that collaboration, when planned properly, can provide small businesses with potentially unlimited growth.”

Business collaboration enables micro, small and medium-sized businesses to team up with complimentary businesses with the aim of achieving more together. For businesses that are currently feeling stagnant, are unable to realise steady profitability, or wish to grow and expand beyond where they are now, engaging in collaboration can supercharge growth.

Just one week after its launch last month, 127 businesses from 17 countries had signed up to bizzi’s platform. Each of these businesses also received bizzi’s eBook, The Collaboration Handbook, to help them get started on their collaboration journeys.

bizzi is aiming for 500 businesses from 22 countries by the end of this month. Their plan is to focus on helping Chambers of Commerce, Industry Associations, Export Support Bodies and SME Support Organizations around the world add value to their members by facilitating collaboration between them.

bizzi is free to join and can be found at

Please direct all enquiries to:

Miriam Feiler
Chief Marketing Officer
Ph:+65 9237 5663