New and powerful 250 MHz femtosecond oscillator

Stockport, UK:
Laser Quantum has released a new product in its femtosecond oscillator range: the helixx. The innovative plug and play laser features a unique 250 MHz repetition rate, designed with life science applications in mind. The helixx has a number of features offering tangible benefits, with high power in a hermetically sealed, turn-key operation housing, combined with long-operational lifetimes and high stability. The laser head incorporates a Ti:Sapphire oscillator and pump laser, and its field replaceable pump diodes are contained within the full-feature control unit, minimising the thermal load on the laser head for outstanding stability. The system is tuneable between 720 nm and 920 nm to meet the requirements of the user, and delivers an average output power of >2.3 W in short pulse durations of ~50 fs. A range of optional features are also available to meet wide-ranging needs: pulse train monitoring, repetition rate control, active locking and modulation of pump power for phase stabilisation, where required.

The helixx is well suited to two-photon microscopy, as its 250 MHz repetition rate significantly lessens the effects of photobleaching and phototoxicity, minimising cell damage and emission dead times of typical fluorophores for optimal imaging results. Laser Quantum prides itself on robust and reliable lasers with long lifetimes and exceptional performance, and offers remote diagnostics and support via proprietary connection software.

Tobias Ploetzing, Head of R&D, at Laser Quantum GmbH said: “The 250 MHz helixx laser is a feat of engineering design that we are incredibly proud of, and early stage testing has shown great potential in contributing to the advancements of multiphoton microscopy and other life science applications.”

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About Laser Quantum:
Laser Quantum is headquartered in Stockport, Cheshire, and creates robust, high-quality lasers using innovative optical technologies. It provides researchers and companies worldwide with the lasers they need to advance scientific knowledge and understanding, and to improve the capability and reliability of their products. With industry-leading lifetimes and specifications, Laser Quantum lasers are suited to numerous research and industrial applications. Since 2016, Laser Quantum has been part of Novanta: a trusted technology partner to OEMs in the medical and advanced industrial technology markets, with deep proprietary expertise in photonics, vision and precision motion technologies.

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Laser Quantum
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