Nastrac Launches Diversity and Inclusion Solutions

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Nastrac Group is today  announced the launch of it’s Diversity and Inclusion Solutions. Nastrac recognises that diversity and inclusion in business is of the utmost importance and assists our clients in bringing inclusion and workplace integration to the core of their organisations with our bespoke end-to-end Diversity and Inclusion Solutions.

Nastrac also represents a large pool of diversity professionals who specialise in unconscious bias training, diversity strategies, workplace inclusion and discrimination challenges, cultural due diligence and work-life integration services, among others.

Today, businesses require more innovation and dynamism than ever before as the effects of globalisation and new technology implementations take hold. This requires diversity throughout the company hierarchy as a diverse team of people from different backgrounds can foresee a greater range of risks, solve problems faster and offer unique solutions that positively differentiate the company from its competitors.

To obtain a diverse workforce, companies must be proactive in engaging a broad spectrum of talent who value and appreciate the importance of diversity, which can be a complex and challenging task. This is where Nastrac can help!

Nastrac is composed of a highly diverse group of professionals and as a certified minority and women-owned business enterprise, we provide a unique cultural perspective that enables the team to build effective and lasting D&I solutions for our clients. Utilising our distinct cultural literacy, our dedicated team is effective in attracting passive talent pools and leveraging their networks to source accomplished, diverse candidates.

As part of our ‘Diversity-Focused’ Recruitment service our candidates have been successfully assigned to senior international positions. Notable successes include Group Director of Diversity at Adidas Group, Head of Human Resources, People Movement and M & A in Norway, Executive Diversity Director in Germany, Chief Diversity Champion in the Netherlands and many more.

If interested, please contract our Chief Diversity Search Officer, Amit Anand at