Ms. Anna Marie Carter wins the Coveted Accreditation of the Highly Esteemed International Trade Council in Brussels, Belgium

The International Trade Council - a peak-body, non-profit, international chamber of commerce. Dedicating to assisting businesses overcome technical barriers to trade, expand into new markets and connect with other businesses.

This Accreditation introduces ACT SLOW Ministries/Anna Carter’s The Seed Lady, MNE., to 119 countries, 2.4 million members of the ITC and 10 million International Global Buyers.

As a USA Certified Organic Supplier with the Organic Trade Association, Member of WUSATA/SUSTA and member of the ITC, Ms. Carter introduces her pristine line of pure American products to the World. Launching her new company – Cuppedia, LLC, formerly know as Beatrice Foods Company – Premier Foods, all pure food is grown by our farmers under contract, with real seeds.

Introducing “California Style” Organic Products from the Organic Purveyors of The Ecological Farming Association of California, shown here awarding Ms. Carter the “Justie Award”, at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California in 2011.

Missioner Carter’s goal is to employ the Youth of America as they begin to only eat, what they grow, begins now with the opening of major manufacturing plants in Cleveland, New York, Atlanta/Savannah, Houston, Los Angeles, and Oakland. American Super Ports insure timely delivery to global buyers, around the World!

Organic Butter Grade AA 80{bfa08a400c7550404055ff04715e84c9172815d33c25eb3b84e230636ecdc007}
Organic Butter Powder
Organic Whole Milk Powder
Organic Flours – 150 different varieties.
Organic Sugars
Organic Oils
Organic Meats
Organic Nuts/Cashews
Organic Cacao
Organic Bakery Products
Organic Spices and Herbs
Organic Vegetables and Fruits
Organic Seed
Organic Coconut Oil – by the barrel, jar.
Organic Bakery Goods
Organic Chicken Frozen
Organic Chocolate Drops

300 Brands.
7,000 Labels.
20,000 Organic Products.
Net 30, 60, and 90 negotiable w/LOC via Ex Im.

Ms. Carter is thankful to the International Trade Council for such a wonderful opportunity to serve the members of the ITC!

“I am humbly honored!” – Missioner Anna Marie Carter – ACT SLOW Ministries.


Additional information contact – Ms. Bre Hightower – 1 310 359-6840