Our Mission

The International Trade Council’s mission is to act as an independent, knowledgeable, efficient and effective platform to help government, industry bodies, businesses , entrepreneurs and investors in the following ways:

  • To support local business councils, chambers of commerce, and industry associations in building capacity and delivering benefits to their members.

  • To provide leadership in linking people, local and international businesses and facilitate seamless access to commercial ventures for the betterment of society.

  • To provide a mechanism to understand and navigate technical barriers of trade.

  • To provide avenues for networking, introductions, partnerships and mentoring at regional, national and international levels.

  • To facilitate the sharing of information and expertise that will assist newly established businesses and/or those intending to start up a business.

The International Trade Council works to progress the common interests of government, industry bodies, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors under one ‘roof’.

Our Mission Statement is more than just words; it is our road map to what we do, and the measure of our success.