Milestone Architecture



Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Margaret Matz
Address: 2 South End Avenue 8P
New York, New York 10280
United States
Phone: +1 917 420 1470 Fax: +1 917 420 1470

Milestone’s mission is to create environmentally conscious architectural design that meets the needs and enhances the lives of people around the world. Our research draws inspiration from the styles, technologies, and cultures of many societies, past and present, to produce innovative designs that respect the human and the natural environment. We believe that teamwork and close relations with our clients help us develop ecologically sound, economically viable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces where people can live and work.

We provide multidisciplinary services for new construction, alterations, and restorations of residential and commercial properties, tailored to each client’s needs.

Our team includes LEED AP-accredited professionals, AIA member architects, designers, construction managers, and cost estimators. We use the most advanced high-speed computer systems and programs to ensure efficiency, productivity, and value for clients. We constantly study new materials and new construction techniques around the world in order to bring bold, innovative ideas to meet the challenges of each new project. At the same time, we strive to preserve the timeless legacy of architecture and design through the restoration of classical and historical buildings

Milestone has offices in India, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States of America.