Our Mentors

Two of the most important things for a successful business are: knowledge and connections. Being a part of the ITC volunteer / free mentoring program provides access to both.

By participating in the ITC mentor program you will have a partner with whom you can share your views without fear of judgement or negative repercussions. Just having an objective discussion with your mentor can give you fresh insight into problem-solving and decision making. Mentors are partners who have already experienced the things you need to learn, so you don’t have to go through them alone.

Mentors may also be able to share important connections with you, but, more importantly, they can teach you how to make your own connections and ramp up business.

Each mentor and mentee pair will communicate, interact and achieve their mentoring program goals differently – in the way that best suits each pair. The program is intended to facilitate, not restrict, the participation of mentors and mentees in the program. The program runs over 6 months and usually involves 1-2 meetings per month, either via online chat, call or in-person.

Please browse our mentors below and drop them to arrange an introductory, zero pressure, chat. If you are ready to receive mentoring you can also register here.

The mentoring service is 100% free.