Member Benefits

Large Corporate

19 employees or more
$1000 USD / year

Special First Time Members Discount Available

** Startups may also be eligible for up to $150,000 in StartUp benefits which you can find here.

WARNING: The ITC does not accept payment in cryptocurrency in any form. The ITC is not associated with, nor – both of which are fraudulent entities who claim to issue ITC ‘membership’ certificates in return for thousands of dollars in Bitcoin. EliteFX Trade is a scam operation, as is

Legitimate ITC websites are:  and 

1* Dedicated Trade CommissionerYes
* Quality in Business Certification5
* Basic Contact List Building 5000 Contacts
* Advanced / Detailed Contact List Building 300 Contacts
* Deal Promotion12 deals / year
* Event Promotion12 events / year
* Social Media Promotion12 mentions / year
* Business Introductions500 / year
* Run a Survey4 / year
* Present a Webinar4 / year
* Press Release Distribution5 per month
* Appointment SettingClick here
* Access to Business Support LineYes
* Dispute Resolution30% off
* Legal Opinions / Document Review10
* Access to Mentoring ServicesYes
* Discounts on Networking EventsYes
* Access to Free Educational WebinarsYes
* Bill of Lading Product / HS Code Searches25
* Bill of Lading Data Exports (excel)5000 bills of lading
* Importer Detailed Analysis & Contact List Reports10
* Market Summary Reports3