Mediation Panel

The International Trade Council offers an wide-ranging, specialist panel of accredited mediators who can assist with the resolution of your dispute.  Mediators can be selected by areas of specialism and geographical location.

International Trade Council Approved Mediators:

  • Undertake rigorous and internationally recognized mediation skills training.
  • Work globally on the resolution of disputes across a diverse range of industries.
  • Conduct mediations in more than a dozen Languages.
  • Are continually monitored through a program of client feedback and peer review to ensure the highest levels of quality and client satisfaction.

Appointing one of our approved mediators

Once the parties have agreed to mediate, either party may contact us with brief details of the dispute and we will provide the CVs of three mediators from the appropriate panel, one of whom can then be agreed upon by the parties. Alternatively, the parties can themselves select one of our panel mediators and notify us of their choice.

The International Trade Council’s Alternative Dispute Resolution System is available to our members at a substantially lower cost when compared to typical legal proceedings. Please contact us to learn more.