Market Research

The quality of the business decisions you take is dependent upon the information that you have access to.

Our market research findings will allow you to:

  • Create a business plan
  • Define products/services and step-by-step plans
  • Take strategic decisions

Free research undertaken on behalf of Council members

Throughout the year the Council produces a number of economic reports in a variety of fiends that impact our members. This research is undertaken by Council staff and partner organisations. The Council also maintains its own business databases and analytical tools on a wide range of subjects and is available to speak at conferences, strategic planning sessions and other events.

Examples of subsidised market research

Finding new customers and markets – The Council Research Team can produce lists of businesses and individual contacts by industry, geography, number of employees, contact titles and other characteristics in a variety of countries.

Locating competitors – The Council Research Team can provide research on who competitors are, whether in a neighborhood or a larger region, as well as identify markets that are under-served or untapped. We can generate lists of businesses by industry, geography and other characteristics, and analyse this against potential market demand.

Vendor location – The Council Research Team can help you locate new partners, suppliers and vendors. We can build lists of businesses by industry, geography, size, any required licenses or certifications and other characteristics.

HR research services – Are you paying your employees a competitive wage? Have you created a new position in your company but aren’t sure what level of salary and benefits to offer? The Council Research Team has extensive labour market data to help you answer your workforce questions.

In-depth studies

Industry study: $400 (members) / $800 (non-members)

Market and competitive analysis: $500 (members) / $900 (non-members)

Full market study: $1,000 (members) / $2500 (non-members)
(includes industry study, market analysis, demographic study, SWOT and price analysis)

Sample ITC Report

file-pdf Investigation into UK Dairy Products Ban by China

Developed by Lehman, Lee & Xu on behalf of the International Trade Council

Blackstone Security Services, Inc.

(Coronavirus Pandemic)

Notice Date: 30th March 2020

The health and safety of our staff and contractors are of paramount importance. As such all ITC staff have been advised to work from home for the next 30 days and avoid all non-essential travel. This may reduce accessibility of staff via phone but, pending individual internet issues, most trade commissioners should be accessible via email.

The Council’s IT infrastructure systems are redundant and we use tried and tested collaborative tools that allow full remote working for all staff and contractors. As we use an IP-based phone system, all of our contact details will remain the same.

All webinars, conferences and trade missions are temporarily paused pending the end of the 30 day home quarantine period. The Trade Mission to Malta, Trade Mission to Estonia and Trade Mission to Finland are being re-scheduled for August 2020. Pending any major changes in the current Pandemic situation, Trade Commissioners should update attendees within the next 45 days.

All accounting functions and non-trade-related functions are temporarily paused for the 30 day home quarantine period.

The Council recommends all businesses follow the WHO guidelines which give some useful practical advice for workplaces.

Please stay at home if possible and stay safe!

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