Market Intelligence

The International Trade Council has long-standing relationships with a network of government agencies, legislators, chambers of commerce, non-profit organisation and industry leaders. These relationships help to contribute to the Council’s unique market intelligence capacity.

Council analysts are available to provide objective intelligence on foreign market opportunities, technical barriers to trade, policy issues, production forecasts, market demand forecasts, and ongoing assessments of a wide variety of issues affecting various exports and imports.

Council market intelligence support is divided into four distinct service offerings:

Strategic Planning Support

  • Criteria Development
  • Mapping
  • Deal Flow Creation (Search)
  • Acquisition Due Diligence and Risk Assessment
  • Negotiation Support

Market Analysis

  • Invest/Divest Analysis
  • Market Entry Studies
  • Strategy Validation
  • New Product Development
  • Cost Structure and Value Chain Benchmarking
  • Market Share and Future Trend Assessments

Customer Analysis

  • Value Map Analysis (Price/Benefit Positioning)
  • Image and Satisfaction Surveys
  • Offensive and Defensive Customer Vulnerability Assessment

Supplier Analysis

  • Supplier Evaluations
  • Supplier Searches

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