Importer Analysis & Contact List Reports

The International Trade Council’s custom-researched market intelligence reports contain detailed information on demand and movement on any specified product across 30 countries.

Reports contain:

  • Buyers located in target country – with known contact details
  • Buyers ranked by number of transactions, dollar values and weight
  • Average unit prices the buyers are paying for specified item
  • Companies currently selling to the top 5 buyers
  • Seller port of origin statistics
  • Purchase port of destination statistics
  • Top 100 buyer contacts
  • Top 5 buyers detailed purchase history (including bills of lading)
  • General statistical information about general demand of the target product
  • Raw bill of lading data

Reports use latest available customs (import/export) statistics and real bill of lading data which is then analyzed by the Council’s team of trade specialists. 

Leads / contacts are then researched using the Council’s own internal database together with public databases.

This service is provided free of charge to members of the International Trade Council. Please allow a minimum of 7 working days for our staff to manually compile your report.