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What is a visa?

A visa is a document that shows you’re allowed to enter a specific country, for a specific length of time, to do a specific thing such as conduct business, attend a conference, tour, study or work.  They may be stamped or glued directly into a passport for convenience, or they may be issued separately, in the form of documents which must be carefully protected to ensure that they are not lost or stolen.

Do I need one?

Some nations require everyone who enters to get a visa, while others have what are known as reciprocal agreements with certain nations which waive such requirements.  Other nations may require visas for individuals only of a certain nationality, conducting only certain types of activities or staying for a period of time greater than the standard visa-waiver period.

Can the Council obtain a visa for me?

The Council works with a number of expert travel agencies, visa consultants and law firms which can assist in processing visa applications in a timely and professional manner. Please contact us for further information.

How long does a visa last?

Visas generally expire after a set period of time. In some cases, one may be extended by permission, while in other instances, people need to leave a country and re-enter it to receive a new one. They can also establish the number of times someone enters and leaves a country. In the case of a single entry visa, it is cancelled as soon as the traveller leaves the country. In multiple entry, someone may leave and return several times before the visa is cancelled.

 Invitation letters

In some instances the Council is able to provide letters of invitation to its members who are travelling on business, attending conferences or otherwise undertaking business-related activities in another country.

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