Leading Hi-Tech Accessories Brand Set to Cash in on Demand Boom | ASTRUM HOLDINGS LIMITED

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While the market grows exponentially for top notch, innovative, competitively designed and priced consumer electronics accessories, stalwart suppliers like ASTRUM HOLDINGS LTD are setting their sights higher than ever before. Here’s why.

Astrum has been primarily founded with the aim of marketing reliable and high-tech IT accessories. Since its inception in 2008, the company has kept a watch on various technologies being developed across a range of ket consumer electronics’ segments. It has consequently managed to successfully enter neighboring segments, such as audio accessories, mobility, smart devices and LED solutions says its founder Manoj Kumar Pansari.

While prudent expansion has been the company’s mainstay strategy, the lure of the China market is definitely now stronger than ever.

Agile Strategy

“Greater China has been key to Astrum from a product development perspective. Standards and overall quality process have increased dramatically recently, region-wide, which enabled us to market robust devices. Astrum has been mostly marketed its devices outside greater China, and opened subsidiary offices in South Africa and India. However, we are carefully monitoring this local market and notably considering investment in online platforms to cater to it. Physical retailing is also likely to see the light of the day in the near future in greater China.

“Astrum offers a wide array of reliable, affordable and innovative consumer electronics accessories – including audio, IT peripherals, smart devices, mobility accessories and LED solutions – under one brand name. It is differentiating through agile responsiveness to technology breakthroughs in order to provide groundbreaking devices in its different product segments, Pansari says.

“Being very responsive to market trends and having one branch office located in Shenzhen – the world’s technology manufacturing hub – Astrum is able to develop and market newest innovative devices at a very quick pace, and therefore stay at the cusp of technology. It has also found a great balance between affordability and reliability, thus democratizing the access of new technologies worldwide.”

The International Trade Council - a peak-body, non-profit, international chamber of commerce. Dedicating to assisting businesses overcome technical barriers to trade, expand into new markets and connect with other businessesParadigm Shift

“The product diversification strategy we have implemented over the past years has been an extremely challenging task, as it requires us to get up to date at a reckless speed in different industries, and also change our internal structure to fit these strategic expansions. However, we managed to integrate different product segments – audio, smart accessories and LED solutions being three of them – while not being to diverted by these new projects. This has required intensive organization and communications to align all the market segments well under one household name.”

“Astrum has previously focused its efforts in catering some outside markets. However, we are currently considering different strategies to serve the Hong Kong and Mainland China markets optimally. One option we are particularly considering online B2C platforms to enable customers to directly buy from us at all time.”


Unfaltering Resilience

“One key motto for success, whether that is in the world of works or else, is perseverance. Building and sustaining a business means undertaking a long journey in which obstacles can take unpredictable shapes. Overcoming these hurdles can require a strong self-belief as well as an unfaltering resilience,” says Pansari.

He adds: “The human factor has also be key for Astrum to thrive. Being surrounded by competent, trustworthy and dedicated people has been at the core of the firm’s success. Creating an environment in which these people can freely share ideas and recommendations is also a key factor. Finally, a long-term vision – rather than a focus on short-term profit – has also been key to let the company head into the right direction.”

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