Launch of SCSIFlash-Tape provides solid state replacement for obsolete and end-of-life tape drives on legacy mil/aero systems


Reading, UK – 14th September 2016.  Solid State Disks Ltd, the advanced storage systems design, development and integration specialist, has launched SCSIFlash-Tape which provides a CompactFlash-based, solid state replacement for traditional SCSI-based, electro-mechanical tape drives on legacy computer-based mil/aero systems that are either obsolete or nearing the end of their life. SCSIFlash-Tape provides a drop-in replacement for the popular DDS DAT, DLT and QIC tape drives on a variety of host systems.

SCSIFlash-Tape gives OEMs and service providers a quick, easy and cost efficient solution for supporting their legacy systems. SCSIFlash-Tape’s configurable firmware allows a perfect host match, eliminating the need for any host hardware or software changes. With no software updates or integration required, the host simply sees SCSIFlash-Tape as if it were the original tape drive.

Offering a fast and efficient field replacement, SCSIFlash-Tape’s configurable firmware, which is field upgradeable via an integral USB port, facilitates a perfect match to any host computer system.  TCP/IP networking via standard RJ45 Ethernet connection is also supported, allowing SCSIFlash-Tape to be connected to any existing local area network for remote configuration, control, diagnostics, backup and restore.

SCSIFlash-Tape only requires a 5V power supply and will also fit into a standard floppy disk drive slot using the same fixings. With a small 3.5-inch footprint and using a standard 50 pin SCSI-1 or SCSI-2 connection, SCSIFlash-Tape can be used to replace obsolete 3.5-inch and any larger tape drive using a suitable adaptor. Data transfer rates are up to 6 Mbytes/s sustained. The use of solid state technology also delivers greatly increased reliability (MTBF) and media life, improved environmental efficiency with lower power consumption, noise and heat generation, and a reduction in unplanned downtime.

SCSIFlash-Tape is also available as a network drive upgrade with IP address set up at the factory. This ships complete with Solid State Disks’ FLASH2GUI graphical user interface used for control and configuration of the drive as well as backup and restore operations. FLASH2GUI features multiple login levels to prevent unauthorised use and backup and restore based on the disk image, as well as write protection and erase of the drive contents, along with the ability to set the disk capacity from 1Mb to 64GB, set the drive emulation and the drive’s IP address and name remotely. The image editor controls the backup and restore functionality and includes the ability to view the drive image contents, extract files, folders or the entire disk contents, add and remove files and folders from the disk, add new software install files, and create a new formatted drive.

Solid State Disks YouTube Channel showing a demonstration of the FLASH2GUI can be seen here

“The mechanical life-span of a tape drive can be dramatically shortened by continual tape repositioning (shoe-shining) usually caused by the mismatches in the data transfer performance between the tape drive and the host computer,” said James Hilken, Sales Director of Solid State Disks Ltd. “This results in tape debris constantly clogging the gaps between tape heads. As a solid state drive with no moving parts, SCSIFlash-Tape provides the ideal plug and play replacement solution.”

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Notes to Editors

Example tape drive emulations include:

  • Archive Viper 150 and Python 4320
  • DEC TZ86, TZ87 and TZ8; TLZ06, TLZ07, TLZ09, TLZ10 and TLZ88; TK50 and TK7; TZK9, TK10 andTK11
  • DDS DAT and DLT drives – HP C1533 / C1539
  • HP/DEC “Storage Works” tape drives
  • QIC
  • Seagate STD22400N and SDT11000

Example host systems and equipment include:

  • Alcatel-Lucent 5ESS / HP C1533 / C1539
  • DEC VAX 400, VAX station 4000-90A, VS4000, uVAX and MicroVAX
  • IBM RS6000 and iSeries AS400
  • HP 9000 / HP 715
  • Ericsson AXE-10
  • Nortel DMS-10 NTJIT69A
  • NEC NEAX SIGMA 61E / 61S
  • Siemens EWSD HP88781AA / HP2940A
  • Stromberg-Carleson DCO SDT-11000
  • Telebras Tropico

About Solid State Disks

Solid State Disks Ltd (SSD) is the industrial division of the Reactive Group. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company operates worldwide specialising in the design, development and integration of advanced storage systems for mil/aero, commercial and industrial applications as well as the distribution of solid state Flash memory technologies.

The SCSIFlash-Tape compliments the existing CF2SCSI & SCSIFlash SCSI SSD product range to cater for fixed disk and removable drive (optical, zip, jazz and floppy ) obsolescence issues in the SCSI legacy systems market.

Solid State Disks Ltd also manufacture the FLOPPYFlash to offer a drop in replacement of 26 pin / 34 pin slim & Shugart floppy drives.

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