Kimberly Reed, Senior Partner at the Ascendant Group named an honoree for the Minority Business Awards

Reed, a Diversity & Inclusion Engagement Solutions Innovator, Corporate Trainer, Transformational Coach, and Award-Winning Speaker has been named an honoree by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Kimberly Reed, Senior Partner at the Ascendant Group and Chief Transformational Officer of the Reed Development Group has recently been named an honoree for the 2017 Minority Business Awards, hosted by the Philadelphia Business Journal. The awards take place on August 24.

“Paramount to me, this announcement came out during the week of my beloved Mommy’s 5th Anniversary of her passing. I am humbled, grateful and beyond blessed to be able to contribute to her legacy and elated to be one of this year’s honorees. I accept this award in her memory. Proud to walk in her stilettos, boldly.” Reed said.

Reed is responsible as an advocate and a champion to help attract, develop and deploy the widest representation of talent within global organizations and expand the roles of high performing diverse talent. The promotion of high performing diverse talent into critical leadership roles is how organizations continue to accelerate growth globally. Reed was named 6ABC 2017 Best of Class featured speaker for over 300 valedictorians in her region, and is also the author of the upcoming book, Optimists Always Win! Unlocking the Power to Reach Life’s C-Suite.

Reed Development Group’s business performance practice partners with leading global companies, top universities and nonprofits to ensure that they are effectively identifying, attracting, deploying, retaining and developing top diverse talent. RDG also develops innovative, transformative and interactive leadership, personal and professional development training programs, creative recruitment and development, deployment and retention solutions for all levels of diverse employees.

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