Stacey Menga Onyango

Founder/ Director of Minkoti Agencies Limited & Institute of Entrepreneurship & Innovations Training

Stacey Menga Onyango- Chairperson of the Business Council for Mediation and Trade Disputes


Stacey Menga Onyango is a dynamic leader and entrepreneur, serving as the Founder and Director of Minkoti Agencies Limited and the Institute of Entrepreneurship & Innovations Training (IEIT). With a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and resolving disputes, Stacey leads the International Trade Council's Business Council on Dispute Resolution and Mediation with passion and expertise.

Minkoti Agencies Limited operates in the construction industry, specializing in building and civil works construction, as well as labor-based contracting. Founded in 2009 as a small enterprise, the company has expanded its operations in Kenya and South Sudan, undertaking significant projects with government parastatals and international contractors.

In 2018, Stacey diversified her entrepreneurial ventures by establishing the Institute of Entrepreneurship & Innovations Training (IEIT). With a mission to empower young people in entrepreneurship and innovation, IEIT offers training programs and startup capital to aspiring entrepreneurs, contributing to economic development and job creation.

Stacey's educational background includes a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Strategic Management, a higher diploma in Human Resource Management, and a Bachelor of Arts degree. Additionally, she holds international accreditations as a mediator from the Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre and Facilit8 UK.

Throughout her career, Stacey has been recognized for her outstanding achievements and contributions to the industry. She was nominated as a finalist in the Young Entrepreneur Award category by Awief and received the Best Woman in Construction Award 2023 from WIB Kenya. Moreover, she was honored as the Best Startup Ecosystem Builder of the Year 2023 by ASEB Summit Awards.

Stacey remains actively engaged in addressing the challenges facing the construction industry, including inflation, high-interest rates, and the shortage of specialized workforce. She is optimistic about the industry's future, foreseeing stable growth in infrastructure investment and the adoption of sustainable building technologies for a greener future.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Stacey enjoys reading, writing, and spending quality time with her family. She is also passionate about teaching the word of God, reflecting her commitment to personal growth and spiritual well-being.

As a visionary leader and advocate for entrepreneurship, Stacey Menga Onyango continues to inspire others with her resilience, determination, and dedication to making a positive impact in the construction industry and beyond.