Leon Segundo Zavala Daza

Leon Segundo Zavala Daza


Leon Segundo Zavala Daza - Member of the Business Council for Banking and Trade Finance and Venture Capital


Leon Segundo Zavala Daza, serving as the President of PROYTEC PANAMA CORP., is an esteemed member of the International Trade Council, contributing to Banking and Trade Finance and Venture Capital. With a solid foundation in engineering and over three decades of experience, Leon has been instrumental in the development of projects that touch on vital sectors such as construction, energy, waste, recycling, water, air and health, food, tourism, and technology. His efforts are aimed at improving the quality of life by leveraging financial resources from the international capital market to support projects that enrich natural resources, ecosystems, and the environment.

 Leon's journey into this industry began with a passion for engineering, leading to significant roles in project studies and construction. His commitment to education and professional development saw him teaching courses, conducting seminars, and eventually holding prestigious positions such as a professor at the Central University of Venezuela and the Dean of Engineering at the University of Newport. His voluntary participation in rescue and high-risk area assessments during Venezuela's large-scale natural disasters marked the beginning of his venture into international finance, securing funds from global institutions for recovery efforts.

 Holding both a Degree and a Master's in Engineering, Leon's academic background laid the groundwork for his extensive career. His notable projects include high-risk area assessments in Venezuela and securing critical funding from international bodies such as the United Nations, the Andean Development Corporation, and the Inter-American Development Bank. These endeavors underscore his commitment to community service and environmental stewardship.

 As the past dean of Engineering at Newport University, Leon takes pride in his leadership roles and the opportunity to shape the next generation of engineers and environmental advocates. The evolution of technology, particularly the advent of Artificial Intelligence, has significantly influenced his field, prompting a need for strategic flexibility and digital inclusivity in planning and finance.

 Facing the challenge of integrating Artificial Intelligence across all sectors, Leon emphasizes the importance of governmental regulation and the strategic adoption of new technologies. He envisions a future where design, planning, and finance are increasingly paramount, advocating for a more strategic, flexible, and digitally inclusive approach.

 Leon encourages newcomers to the industry to maintain a high level of knowledge and preparation, emphasizing leadership, management, ethics, and sustainability. Overcoming obstacles with clear communication, adaptability, continuous learning, and collaboration are key strategies he employs to navigate challenges in his work.

 Inspired by visionaries such as Steve Jobs, Henry Gantt, Peter Drucker, Jacqueline Novogratz, and Muhammad Yunus, Leon's work is driven by innovation, leadership, and a profound commitment to improving society. Outside his professional endeavors, he dedicates his time to volunteering in health, education, environment, and human rights, further demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Leon Segundo Zavala Daza's professional biography reflects his significant contributions to the fields of banking and trade finance, venture capital, and his dedication to fostering sustainable development and environmental conservation.