Guy Varon

VP of Business Development of Polymertal

Guy Varon- Member of the Business Council for Manufacturing

Guy Varon, the Vice President of Business Development at Polymertal, stands as an esteemed member of the International Trade Council's Manufacturing Business Council. With a focus on the automotive, aerospace, semiconductors machinery, and medical devices industries, Guy has played a pivotal role in steering Polymertal towards developing and manufacturing lightweight, environmentally friendly advanced material parts that address complex requirements across various sectors. These innovative solutions not only promise high performance at reduced weight and cost but also offer significant decarbonization opportunities.

Starting his career as an industrial engineer within the operations of a manufacturing company, Guy's journey into the industry was bolstered by his academic background in Industrial Engineering and further enriched by MBA studies. His keen interest in sustainability and business has been instrumental in marrying the concepts to drive forward Polymertal's mission.

One of Guy's notable contributions to the field was securing and delivering Volkswagen's first cooling system for its electric vehicle platform, a milestone project that underscores his ability to navigate and win in highly competitive environments. This accomplishment, among others, remains a professional highlight he holds in high regard.

Throughout his tenure, Guy has witnessed the industry's evolution, marked by advancements in technologies, automation, and 3D printing. Today, transitioning technologies from development to production stages poses a significant challenge within the sector. However, looking ahead, Guy envisions an industry increasingly reliant on automation, enhanced quality control, and predictive maintenance, with AI tools playing a crucial role in elevating efficiency and quality within hardware manufacturing.

Excited about the potential of automation and AI to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape, Guy encourages newcomers to the industry to immerse themselves in various technologies and disciplines early in their careers. His approach to overcoming setbacks and challenges involves taking a moment to clear his mind and strategize on effective solutions.

Drawing inspiration from individuals who leverage technology to shatter limitations, Guy's role models are those who innovate beyond traditional boundaries. Outside his professional life, he enjoys running, working out, socializing with friends, and cherishing moments with his family, reflecting a well-rounded personality that values both personal growth and professional excellence.

Guy Varon's professional biography exemplifies his dedication to innovation in manufacturing, his leadership in advancing sustainable solutions, and his significant contributions as a member of the International Trade Council's Business Council.