Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish

Executive Chairman of Indo-Argentina Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish- Member of the Business Council for International Trade and Policy


Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish is a distinguished figure in the field of international trade policy and diplomacy with an illustrious career that spans over several decades. His educational background is marked by a PhD in Business Administration with the highest distinction, Summa Cum Laude, from Regents University Devon, England, alongside a diverse range of qualifications including an MBA in Personnel from Newport University, California, and a PhD Humanity (Honoris Causa) reflecting his broad intellectual pursuits. Dr. Ravish is also a Fellow of the International Biographical Research Foundation (IBRF) in social work and holds numerous diplomas in Homoeopathy from Premier Homoeopathic College, Chandigarh.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ravish has demonstrated exceptional skills in representing the interests of sovereign and republican governments and nationals, managing diplomatic posts, and advocating for political, economic, and commercial interests abroad. His ability to engage with various stakeholders, from government officials to the general public, showcases his adeptness in foreign relations, communication, and organizational skills.

Dr. Ravish has been recognized internationally for his contributions to peace, human rights, and diplomacy. His diplomatic assignments include roles such as the Imperial Ambassador to the Empire of Europa, Ambassador of Peace to the Kingdom of Fillipina Hacienda, and several ambassadorial positions within the International Human Rights Commission. Furthermore, he has served as an International Elections Observer, reinforcing his commitment to democratic processes and governance.

His contributions have been honored with numerous awards and recognitions, including the "Baronet of the Kaiser Bach" by the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, the "Cavalier of the Golden Cross of the Clement XI Albani Order," and the "Leadership Award" from the SPMUDA International Organisation. Dr. Ravish's work has also earned him the prestigious "Glory of India Award" presented by Rt. Hon'ble Lord Bhikhu Parekh.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Ravish is deeply engaged in political affairs and community service, having held significant positions in social and political organizations across India. His interest in international affairs, coupled with hobbies such as traveling, reading, and socializing, highlights his well-rounded personality and dedication to fostering global understanding and cooperation.

Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish's extensive experience, notable accomplishments, and profound impact on international trade policy and diplomacy establish him as a leading figure in the field. His commitment to advancing peace, justice, and sustainability continues to inspire many in the global community.