Alejandro De La Parra Solomon

Alejandro De La Parra Solomon

CEO of The Solomon Brokerage Firm, QBRI.Digital, Quantum Brain Research Institute

Alejandro De La Parra Solomon- Board Member of the Business Council for Manufacturing , Mediation and Trade Disputes, and Venture Capital


Alejandro De La Parra Solomon, the CEO of The Solomon Brokerage Firm, is a visionary leader in the realm of global trade, renowned for his strategic acumen, technological expertise, and commitment to innovation. As the esteemed leader of the International Trade Council's Business Council on Manufacturing , Mediation and Trade Disputes, and Venture Capital. Alejandro spearheads initiatives aimed at driving transformative change and fostering collaboration within the industry.

He serves as a distinguished member across an array of sectors including Artificial Intelligence, Banking and Trade Finance, Dispute Resolution and Mediation, Digital Commerce, Emerging Markets, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Innovation and Technology, Intellectual Property, International Trade Policy, Legal, Logistics and Transportation, Supply Chain, Sustainability and Environment, and Women in International Trade.

The Solomon Brokerage Firm, under Alejandro's guidance, operates at the forefront of the international trade and logistics industry, offering comprehensive solutions to facilitate seamless transactions and develop large-scale trade projects across global markets. With a focus on trade consulting, project development, risk management, and compliance, Alejandro and his team specialize in co-developing high-level trade projects tailored to industry-specific scenarios, ensuring compliance, ethics, and environmental sustainability.

Alejandro's journey in the global trade sector commenced in 2011, where he co-founded an agricultural projects development and commercialization entity in Mexico City, assuming the role of Chief Information Technology Officer. His expertise in IT protocols, international solutions, and strategic vision played a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring compliance. Subsequently, in 2013, Alejandro embarked on a new chapter by co-founding The Solomon Brokerage Firm, leveraging his strategic procurement, negotiation, and international business relations skills to establish the family enterprise as a leading player in the industry.

Throughout his illustrious career, Alejandro has amassed a diverse set of education, qualifications, and skills that have been instrumental in his success. With a continuous pursuit of learning and certifications in strategic management, ethics, innovation, and information systems, Alejandro remains at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. His proficiency spans various facets of international trade, including logistics, compliance, procurement, and project management, enabling him to navigate complexities with precision and efficacy.

Alejandro's leadership is marked by strategic foresight, collaborative engagement, and a commitment to driving sustainable growth. He has spearheaded transnational projects integrating emerging technologies into global supply chains, bolstering security, transparency, and efficiency while combatting illicit trade. His accomplishments have been recognized through strategic partnerships, sustainable initiatives, and trade innovation, reflecting his dedication to delivering value and fostering positive change.

Looking ahead, Alejandro envisions profound changes in the global trade industry over the next 5-10 years, driven by technological advancements, regulatory shifts, and market dynamics. He anticipates widespread adoption of Blockchain, IoT, AI, and automation, revolutionizing supply chain operations and promoting sustainability. Despite challenges such as geopolitical tensions, regulatory intricacies, and cybersecurity risks, Alejandro remains optimistic about the industry's future, advocating for collaboration, innovation, and adaptability.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Alejandro finds solace and inspiration in nature, residing in the picturesque Bay of Tallinn in the Gulf of Finland. He cherishes quality time with family and friends, engaging in philosophical discussions and creative expressions through music, writing, and visual arts. Alejandro's multifaceted interests and holistic approach to life reflect his ethos of innovation, diversity, sustainability, and inclusivity, guiding his journey as a leader and visionary in the global trade landscape.