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Export Indicator World Statistics Reports

If you are planning to expand into new markets, before making a decision you need to know the details about the market environment.

A customized Export Indicator Report will help you by determining your products’ export potential by identifying suitable foreign markets based on existing demand.

Primary Report (150 EUR) – 1 HS Code

  • TOP 50 import markets for products by HS code for 2016 [defines global market potential by country]
  • TOP 50 export markets from your domestic market of a given product after its HS code with its five-year sales statistics [defines the possibilities and directions of selling the product from your domestic market to foreign markets]

Optional Add-On (75 EUR)

  • Choosing 1 country market (for a country which imports a large number of goods with the same HS code)
  • Trade statistics are done for importers in that country for that HS code (useful for understanding global competitors)
  • Trade statistics are done for exporters in that country for that HS code (useful for understanding local competition from within that market)

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