ITC Community Livelihood Project – Update November 2015

15th November 2015We finished our first Tilapia Pond in the Philippines!

The International Trade Council Tilapia Farming Project is a self-sustaining project sponsored wholly by the International Trade Council and operates in the Philippines. It is designed to create a self-sustaining fish harvest initiative specifically aimed at enhancing food production, reducing malnutrition, and encourage economic sustainability with a viable and marketable product.

In addition to supporting peoples nutrition and income, tilapia production can contribute to hygienic waste disposal and improved sanitation. This is because Tilapia are able to feed off detrius which are typically considered harmful to humans. (A primary food source for the ITC pond below is pig, caribou and chicken manure).

With continuous production, the tilapia pond can generate approximately 3200 pounds of tilapia every four months. Starting with an initial number of fingerlings, farmers will nurture and cultivate young tilapias (fingerlings) until they grow into fully mature tilapias. Once the fish have grown to size — ½ to 1lb — they are ready for consumption/market. The entire process is expected to take four to six months,.

Key Facts:

  • Project location: Philippines
  • Start of build of first pond: September 2015
  • Finish build of first pond: November 2015 (includes water settling, growth of duck-weed for feed and fish stocking)
  • Size of first pond: 6 meters x 15 meters
  • Budget: $1800 USD (does not include land-lease cost)
  • Number of fish stocked: 5500

The development of community tilapia ponds by ITC staff and volunteers goes towards the Council’s goal of introducing the practice of sustainable aquaculture to the food deficit countries we serve as a viable means to provide a low-cost, accessible nutrition source to the poor.

Start of building the first pond (Sept 2015)

Construction of ITC Fishponds

Start of building the first pond (Sept 2015)

Construction of ITC Fishpond

Finished pond with duckweed (Nov 2015)

Finished Pond

Finished pond with duckweed (Nov 2015)

Finished Pond

Finished Pond with Floating Aquaponics Tubes (Nov 2015)

We have started to install floating PVC pipes on the tops of each pond. These will be used to grow tomatoes and kang kong. This will reduce the amount of ammonia in the pond while providing a secondary food-source for the local community.

Finished ITC Pond

About Tilapia

Tilapia is a commonly raised fish throughout the world, second only to Carp.  Tilapia thrive in warm tropical areas. It is a good fish for resource poor farmers to grow because tilapia are:

  • Easy to raise
  • Fast growing and tasty
  • Able to eat many types of foods and are low on the food chain
  • Highly disease resistant
  • Able to reproduce easily
  • Hardy and can tolerate poor water quality conditions