Italy Forges on with Impressive Entrepreneur Visa Program

ItalyItaly has long offered resident permits to entrepreneurs to Italy and this time decided to concentrate efforts on offering innovative entrepreneurs a new and better process to start a company in the country.

The Italian startup visa allows non EU citizens to come to Italy to start innovative business ventures and benefit of certain advantages in taxes and investment.

In Italy, the startup visa route is not only simplified but after entering Italy you and your innovative start-up will also benefit from a range of tax and labour regulation benefits:

  • Fail fast policy
  • Access to crowd-funding
  •  Special taxation on start-ups that are favourable to investors

The full list of benefits can be found here. 


To be eligible, applicants must present an innovative business idea that will be evaluated by a specific committee, along showing evidence of a minimum of €50,000 in start-up funds.


The Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicated that the special startup visa will be granted in about 30 days; and the procedure can be quicker if the applicant already has a been accepted within a certified incubator.

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