IT Forensics

A cyber security incident can be in the form of an intrusion from the outside or from a disgruntled employee stealing your trade secrets inside your walls. The problem facing management is how to determine where the data went, who is responsible and how to mitigate further risks and loss.

To efficiently combat incidents in the electronically connected world we exist in, a business must move effortlessly through various platforms of technology. Cases often involve some form of digital evidence, be it via email, cell phone, or chat activity. Likewise, it is also increasingly rare that a problem that is contained within the four walls of your building. The International Trade Council has consultants available with experience in working with all modern, and even most legacy platforms, from such diverse industries as software development, telecommunications, finance, government, manufacturing, and medical. The International Trade Council is able to supply security of your digital information assuring confidentiality while we are involved with your corporate computer examination.

With its global partners, the International Trade Council is able to provide extensive expertise in all areas of cyber security, technology, high-tech digital investigations and litigation support. Our experts can provide immediate cyber security incident response and expert analysis to any crisis or situation facing corporations today. From internal or external theft of proprietary corporate information, to pro-actively conducting internal audits of network systems or controls, the International Trade Council leverages decades of experience in law enforcement and forensics to add critical value when solving your corporate computer investigation needs.

Services Available

Corporate Investigations

The International Trade Council is able to deliver digital investigation services to businesses who need to conduct internal investigations ranging from misuse of company property to data and IP theft.

Law Enforcement Support Services

The Council is able to offer a full range of law enforcement services; from first response, full or preview forensic analysis of most types of digital media, through to recording and providing professional evidence in court.

IP Theft Remediation

If you are suffering from counterfeit copies of your website and products, the Council can support with brand protection services specifically tailored to your requirements.

Data Recovery

If you have lost crucial data on your storage drive due to malfunction or accident, getting it back becomes your main objective. The International Trade Council understands your urgency and offer you unparalleled data recovery resolutions.

These services are available at a discount to members of the International Trade Council.