Interview with Mr Prakash Chand Sharma of HLPL Group

This was a journey started alone with nothing but a wish to achieve something remarkable in life.

Imagined, visualized, targeted, refined, and marching to reach bigger and professionalized goals every time!

A caravan of performers joined as moved ahead, we worked, sang, laughed, fought – cajoled with associates and booed at times with each other…..

to dis-agree, to plan & execute independently but for a committed goal!

It created miracles.  Everyone convinced and felt they are important in the construction of an organization!

Lone worker become a leader in a short span of a decade – an undisputed leader in the industry!

I turn back – to my amazement there stand a strong team of 300 families – to back me at all times!

Today they discuss of me not out of jealousy, but for the talent and love we get exchanged over the time.

This is the journey of my progress – giving clear cut and pivoted opportunity to grow positively!

Mr Prakash Chand Sharma

Mr Prakash Chand Sharma
Chief Executive Officer
HLPL Group / HIM Logistics
2151/3D, New Patel Nagar
New Delhi 110008
Phone: +91 8447731389
Fax: +91 11 71234949