Interview with Larry Bergen of Colliers International/Philadelphia Commercial Real Estate

Q: How did you get started in this business?
Devoured Real Estate coursework at the Wharton School of UPenn. Connected with many stimulating individuals. Driven by the entrepreneurial and economic opportunities available in this industry.

Q: Can you describe your customers / what type of customers do you have?
Represent and advise both large and medium-sized publicly-traded corporations and privately-held companies engaged in warehousing and distribution; manufacturing/production/assembly; R&D; and development.

Q: What are some of your “keys to success” in building your customer base?
Focused on understanding our customers’ business; providing sensible, efficient business solutions; being proactive, a customer advocate, introspective, responsive, empathetic and acting in the capacity of a stakeholder.

Q: Is there anything about your business that you feel makes it special?
Developing crucial and lasting relationships by providing excellent service and making a true connection with individuals. Enjoy exceeding expectations, particularly with complex, challenging situations.

Q: Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? In the next ten years?
Great question. We anticipate significant organic growth; more connectivity via technology resulting in more productivity (hopefully with no reduction in personalized services); adding even more global capabilities and connections; handling more business as outsourcing grows more rapidly. Mergers and acquisitions will also play a role.


Larry Bergen
Senior Managing Director | Philadelphia
Ten Penn Center
1801 Market Street, Suite 550
Philadelphia, PA 19103
United States
Office: +1 215 928 7528
Mobile: +1 610 348 3232