Interview with Deborah Maclaren of The Media Sales House Ltd

Q: How did you get started in this business?
I applied for a job as a Classified Sales Executive when I was nearing graduation at University not really even understanding what it meant or what it entailed. Lo and behold I was invited to interview, had to go to the illustrious Conde Nast offices in Vogue House in London and I got the job! 20 years on I’m still hooked by media and love the industry I work in.

Q: Can you describe your customers / what type of customers do you have?
We work with a variety of media owners – ranging from big publishing houses like Haymarket Media to smaller content agencies and institutions like The University of Oxford who also produce their own magazines, websites or events. In short, if any media owner doesn’t have the time, inclination or expertise to properly and fully maximise their commercial proposition – they come to us!

Q: What are some of your “keys to success” in building your customer base?
Do a great job and word of mouth is the best. Additionally our name performs well in key search terms so that helps too. In terms of

Q: Is there anything about your business that you feel makes it special?
We are unique. I started the business because I had had terrible experienced of outsourcing sales when I worked in publishing – and I wanted to fill that gap. I wanted a much more integrated, communicative, accountable and effective service. We have built that. Also, TMSH is a truly 21st century business. In addition to a small core team, our hand-picked network of experienced media sales professionals works remotely on selectively matched projects using the latest cloud based technology. This provides them and our clients with absolute clarity on activities and revenue expectations, maximises time spent on revenue generation and minimises admin and non-sales time.

Q: Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? In the next ten years?
We want to grow our network further and continue to add to our brilliant team. We want to be the number one media sales agency in the UK and the go-to destination for media owners wanting to outsource.

Deborah Maclaren

The Media Sales House
133 Creek Road
Greenwich, London SE8 3BN
United Kingdom