Interview with Clement Ehidiamhen Obaga of Clicker Mega Transactions Ltd

Obaga Clement Ehidiamhen is a graduate of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria, where he earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical/Production Engineering in 2003.  Obaga is also a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Society for Automobile Engineers (SAE) and the Nigerian Society of Engineers (SAE) and has also served as the Computer Operations Manager at the Nigerian Telecommunications (Enugu Branch).

Q: How did you get started in this business?

I believe that word of mouth referrals is the most powerful form of marketing. Most importantly we have to be honest, deliver on our promises and do a good job so that our clients are driven to refer other people to us. I have embraced the challenge of building the company in this manner and having delighted customers is important to me.

Q: Can you describe your customers / what type of customers do you have?

My customers include oil and gas contractors, engineers (civil, mechanical and structural), farmers and agricultural produce buyers of all types.

Q: What are some of your “keys to success” in building your customer base?

  • Having fixed goals.
  • Undertaking detailed research on market trends relative to our product offerings.
  • Customer satisfaction by providing quality services and prompt responses to customers.

Q: Is there anything about your business that you feel makes it special?

Instead of looking for ways to imitate my competitors I find ways to differentiate my business and give people a reason to choose my company to do business with. This includes responding swiftly to emails and calls from clients, being responsive and open in my communication and dealing honestly with both suppliers and clients alike.

Q: Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? In the next ten years?

In the next 5 years my goal is to take on new challenges as a catalyst for continued growth.

In the next 10 years time I want to continue in this business, learn from others and share my knowledge to help my colleagues in a way which will be mutually beneficial.

Clement Ehidiamhen Obaga

78 New Lagos Road
Benin City, Edo State 300213