International Trade Council Announces Appointment of Two Co-Chairpersons for the United Arab Emirates

6th February 2018. Ms. Melanie Walker, Board Representative and Member Chairperson, today announced that the International Trade Council has appointed two Co-Chairpersons to the International Trade Council for the United Arab Emirates.

Michael Waechter - Trade Council
Michael Waechter




Mr. Michael Waechter is the Chairman of CRESCO Holding, a global company whose subsidiaries consist of professional service providers: CRESCO compliance, CRESCO legal, CRESCO accounting, CRESCOtec, SADIQA, Hensley&Cook and Smart Money; as well as a general trading firm Al Malek Trading. Aside from providing a range of professional services to businesses globally, Michael and his team have organised numerous events for groups visiting the Middle East, including events for entrepreneurs and networking events for international organisations. Michael was also instrumental in helping several companies to ‘start-up’ their business in the region and help them to acquire their first anchor business in this competitive market.

Jayanthi Cornelio - International Trade Council
Jayanthi Cornelio



Ms. Jayanthi Cornelio is the founder and CEO of Al Shaiba Medical Supplies, a company dedicated to sourcing, importing and distributing a range of medical equipment to hospitals and medical clinics across the Middle East and Africa. Born in the United Arab Emirates, Jayanthi was educated in India and graduated with a degree in electronics and telecommunications. Prior to founding Al Shaiba Medical Supplies in 2002, Jayanthi enjoyed a distinguished career working in the medical supply sector in roles ranging from procurement, sales management, service engineering and project management.Speaking about the appointments, Ms. Walker said “We are delighted to have Michael and Jayanthi join the Council as Co-Chairpersons for the United Arab Emirates. Both of these remarkable individuals bring deep executive and operational experience to the Council. We look forward to utilising their unique combination of practical business knowledge, technical expertise and leadership skills to the Councils core competencies for the United Arab Emirates an greater MENA region”.

About the International Trade Council

Founded in 1956, the International Trade Council (ITC) is a non-profit organization with more than 29,000 members coming from 1289 industries across 76 countries.

The Council assists members to identify new trade opportunities, generate beneficial mentoring relationships, mediate trade disputes and overcome technical barriers to trade.

The Council works also with corporations, trade agencies and legislators to identify and share best practices and to achieve sustainable improvements in every aspect of domestic and international trade.

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