International paymaster and escrow services offered by Europlaw Group

Europlaw Group, operating mostly Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, decided of entering into a formal business collaboration of entering into a joint venture with Ithuba Savings Credit Corp Limited representing ISCC Group, operating from Indonesia and Germany that has an international footprint in the banking to oil and gas industries. Europlaw Group is a member of The International Association of Lawyers (UIA – Union Internationale des Avocats) situated in Paris, France, that brings together over 2,000 individual members and 200 bars, federations and association members, from more than 110 countries.

The 14th of May 2018 marked a significant milestone for Europlaw Group. On this day, Ithuba Savings Credit Coop Ltd representing ISCC Group, Europlaw Group Incorporated and Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd (a member International Association of Accounting Professionals – IAAP), situated in London, UK) entered into a strategic Joint Venture Agreement which was signed in Jakarta, Indonesia. Europlaw Group is now in position of offering both paymaster and escrow services to our international clients with the international banking platform provided by the ISCC Group of Companies; under ISC Bank and also presently working through both PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) TBK in Indonesia and Volksbank Pforzheim in Germany as well.

The joint venture entered between ISCC Group and Europlaw Group offer escrow banking facilities to both clients of ISCC Group and Europlaw Group clients under the custody of ISC Bank under ISCC Group. Europlaw Group will be used as the Escrow and Paymaster receiving funds for different projects under the required KYC requirements at all times.

ISCC Group of Companies have provided now an international banking platform to Europlaw Group offering both paymaster and escrow services to its international clients receiving any funds throughout the world for investments purposes. Europlaw Group also offers now offshore sub accounts under the Europlaw Group profile held with ISCC Group of Companies through ISC Bank.

The ISC Bank through ISCC Group banking platform offers the unique facility for MT103 downloads can be performed under the Europlaw Group profile that such funds will be used with the consent of the client for investments under the banking and financial licenses held within the ISCC Group of Companies.

Europlaw Group believes that this ISCC Group’s banking platform will offer new advance opportunities providing paymaster and escrow services to Europlaw clients worldwide with offshore banking services. Europlaw Group then also providing additional tax advisory and services / opinions both ISCC Group and Europlaw Group clients.

ISCC Group of Companies works for the economic and social well being of their members, and not just for the enrichment of a select few investors. Because of close cooperative nature, ISCC Group protects the interests of their members and clients by offering them profitable and secure financial products and services and always prioritises sustainable development. Furthermore, for few years now, ISCC Group had been providing technical support and investment services in developing countries through their subsidiary companies in Asia.

ISCC Group, Europlaw Group and our overseas international financial service providers aim to provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of Treasury, including acting as paymasters for various companies, complimentary services such as the raising of finance, insurance, investments management, buy-outs and special projects. We are also experts in arranging incoming Loan structures for foreign investors, taking into account, the volatility of currencies and the need to protect the liability side of the loan.

The Europlaw group’s core strategy is based on the concept of reputable and intelligent partnerships and alliances. Through these, experts from the fields of law, business, asset management, project management, project funding and financing, paymaster services, escrow services, fiduciary, and audit and tax advisory deliver excellent services to clients at reasonable and competitive rates. The group’s senior partner structure allows seasoned and experienced lawyers, escrow agents, auditors, advocates, investment bankers, accountants, financial advisors, and real estate experts to work together in competent teams for successful operations in locations worldwide.

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