Intellectual Property Committee

As developed and developing economies become ever more reliant on the creation and use of technology, increasingly complex and controversial cross border intellectual property issues arise which demand resolution.

The Intellectual Property Committee is charged with addressing and providing guidance on intellectual property issues, including trademark protection on the Internet and copyright issues in the digital age.

Summary of activities:

  • Promote international cooperation in the cross border aspects of Intellectual Property.
  • Promote the role of the IP system in ensuring economic competitiveness.
  • Provide advice and guidance on how IP systems can be made more efficient and cost effective.
  • Draft IP-related guidelines that can be used by lawmakers, as well as in international dispute resolution.

This committee is charged with addressing and providing guidance on intellectual property issues that affect ITC members and trade in general.

Outputs of the Committee include:

  • Bulletins on new and upcoming intellectual property issues.
  • Infopacks on intellectual property related challenges facing business owners.
  • Fact sheets on the importance of intellectual property protection in various economies.
  • Submissions to legislators and government.
  • Policy reports.
  • Educational sessions, webinars and informal networking events.

Get involved:

Appointments are made to the Intellectual Property Committee biennially.

Committee communications are conducted electronically, and each member must have an email address to receive committee meeting notices, agendas, reports, etc. Section participation (e.g., involvement in one of the Intellectual Property Section’s standing committees, authoring an article for publication, speaking at one of the section’s programs, etc.) is considered in the appointment review.