Integra International






Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Lydia Sánchez
Address: Tierra de Barros, 2
Coslada, Madrid 28823
Phone: +34 911888898 Fax: +34 916693826
Website: Twitter: @IntegraIntSpain

An innovative company with a customer-oriented business model. The firm provides a multidisciplinary service under a proven project methodology developed from their knowledge and experience in the logistics solutions sector. The value proposition and resources offered by Integra International have been developed in order to optimize the logistics processes, maximize the operations control, ensuring the timeliness and reduce the execution costs.

Integra International defines, plans, coordinates, controls and manages any type of activity or service that requires a logistics process regardless of the material characteristics and operational environment due to geographical constraints, political or emergency situation.

To perform the activities, Integra International has the enterprise accreditations and quality requirements needed to operate in the areas of specialization of the company, including the highest level accreditations of NATO, EU, ESA, DLA and Spanish Ministry of Defense.

Integra International is an active member of the International Logistics Organization IFLN. The IFLN structure agglutinates a workforce over 16000 employees and 355 offices in 100 countries on 5 continents. The consolidated turnover exceeds U.S. 5,7 billion dolar a year. As a member of IFLN, Integra International has a local presence with global high qualification coverage and use multiple preferential corporate agreements with transportation and service providers.

Integra International develops the logistic of transport area in the activities performed by OPLOG-SP, which is an enterprise platform specialized in deliver all kind of logistics services oriented to the Public Sector Entities, supranational organizations and technological private companies.