Information and Communications Technology expert appointed Chairperson of International Trade Council in United Arab Emirates

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla is the new Chairperson for the International Trade Council in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Abdulla brings 20 years of experience in telecommunications, IT, network, security, software and business process management to his new assignment.

He has been a resident of Dubai since 1980 and will apply the experience gained from working with a large family business, the knowledge gained from a wide-ranging multi-cultural education and the ability to speak four languages to the interests and projects of the International Trade Council. Dr. Shafi’s background is a good fit for his new work promoting the focus of ITC which is centered on education, community development, economic advancement and sustainability.

He utilizes the experience from working with his 800 person employee family business and his associations with Fortune 500 corporations to develop teamwork skills for designing objective oriented tasks and creating challenging interactive environments. He is accustomed to working with executive committees and sales directors setting goals to determine performance quotas and achieve strategic business objectives.

Dr. Shafi’s education began with the UAE Government School in Dubai followed by joining for BBA at the American College of Dubai in 1993. He later in 2010 joined for MBA in Manchester Business School MBS UK, where he studied international business strategies, marketing, finance, business systems and operation management. He also conferred the prestigious “Doctorate on Professional Entrepreneurship” (DPE-USA) in 2014.

He is also the recipient of several special awards including a certificate of appreciation from the CEO and president of the Etisalat Group, the Etisalat Business Development Award for innovation and constructive suggestions and an award from the Dubai Shopping Festival Organizing Committee and Entrepreneurs Awards from regional organizations.

The ITC, which Dr. Shafi will be representing in the UAE, is a unique global organization whose members identify and share best practices to achieve improvements in every aspect of socially and economically responsible domestic and international trade. The ITC believes that entrepreneurship should be a main driver for economic growth.  To facilitate entrepreneurship there is a need to share information about best practices in education, information communications and technology, intellectual property rights and potential barriers to trade. This can be done by creating partnerships between legislators, private business, non-profit organizations and educational institutes.