Indian Council of Food and Agriculture

Contact: Alok Sinha
217, Naurang House, New Delhi-110001
New Delhi
Phone: +91 11 23353406
Fax:  +91 11 23731130
Twitter: @icfa_org

Indian Council of Food and Agriculture is an apex body to act as think tank, policy research, trade facilitation, development catalyst and monitoring centre for food and agriculture sector and to serve as global platform for partnerships. With the increasing globalization, there are newer challenges emerging which need to be proactively responded for Indian agriculture to grow, engage and compete globally and contribute towards global food security.

ICFA through its proactive policy and trade agenda and global partnerships is creating opportunities for growth, value addition and trade to help improve the income of farmers. The Council through its Working Groups and country specific Joint Business Councils seeks to represent the interests of all the stakeholders at the national level on one hand and positions India’s food and agriculture sector globally on the other hand. Besides the trade and industry, ICFA focuses equally on farmers and agri-entrepreneurs towards helping them connect with the market opportunities, while addressing their policy, technology, trade, marketing, financing and partnership related issues.