India – Market Development Assistance Scheme

Grant Name: Market Development Assistance Scheme
Country: India
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A Market Development Assistance Scheme is currently operated by the Ministry of Commerce with a view to encourage exporters (including MSME exporters) to access and develop overseas markets.

The scheme offers funding for participation in international fairs, study tours abroad, trade delegations, publicity, etc. Direct assistance under MDA for small- scale units is given for individual sales-cum-study tours, participation in fairs/exhibitions and publicity. SIDBI operates a scheme of direct assistance for financing activities relating to marketing of MSME products.

The scheme offers funding for:

  1. Participation by manufacturing Small & Micro Enterprises in International Trade Fairs/ Exhibitions under MSME India stall.
  2. Sector specific market studies by Industry Associations/ Export Promotion Councils/ Federation of Indian Export Organisation.
  3. Initiating/ contesting anti-dumping cases by MSME Associations and
  4. Reimbursement of 75{5fd5d0c347966b9ca8e0f456e16034dfe54ed0385696705fc3c1ddd66732c056} of one time registration fee (w.e.f. Ist January 2002) and 75{5fd5d0c347966b9ca8e0f456e16034dfe54ed0385696705fc3c1ddd66732c056} of annual fees (recurring) (w.e.f. Ist June 2007) paid to GSI (Formerly EAN India) by Small & Micro units for the first three years for bar code.

To Apply:

Ministry of Commerce