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Unifresca Marketing and Distribution LLC The International Trade Council - a Peak Body, Non-Profit, International Chamber of Commerce. Assisting Businesses and Governments involved in International Trade and Investment.
Unifresca Marketing and Distribution LLC

Jurisdiction of Formation: Delaware
Company Registration Number:  3761336 [download]
Date Registered: 9/28/2020
EIN: 85-4057045 [download]

1401 Lavaca Street #189
Austin, TX 78701
United States of America

Phone: +1(737)2440744
Fax: +1(737)2440751
Email: unifresca [-AT-] tradecouncil [-DOT-] org

Chairperson(s): Pankaj Bhagwan Gaikwad

Related Business Concern(s): Nisarga Trading
Related Business Concern Jurisdiction(s): India

Business Description:
Will provide farmers and agriculture companies with IoT tools to monitor water use, temperature, humidity, chemical mixtures, crop diseases, greenhouse access and more – all in real-time.

Designed with small-to-mid-scale producers in mind, our product range introduces greater transparency and connectivity for farmers to produce the best yields in the most efficient manner.

Bank Account:

Bank Name: Evolve Bank & Trust
Bank Address: 
6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200. Memphis, TN 38119
Beneficiary Name:
Unifresca Marketing and Distribution LLC
Type of Account: 
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