Incubated Businesses

Maxyfi LLC

Jurisdiction of Formation: Delaware
Company Registration Number:  6553094 [download]
Date Registered: 1/19/2022
EIN: 87-4829859 [download]

International Trade Council Business Incubator
712 H Street NE, Suite 1110
Washington DC 20002
United States of America

Phone: +1(302)6650511
Fax: +1(302)6650512
Email: maxyfi [-AT-] tradecouncil [-DOT-] org

Chairperson(s): Thilak Raju

Business Description:
The company is Building SaaS applications for global small and medium  business consumer to get their invoice paid faster. The application have subscription based pricing model for its global users including US.
Maxyfi product will help its customers to automate and streamline some of the manual steps in cashflows that are
usually forgotten leading to revenue loss.

Bank Account:

Bank Name: Evolve Bank & Trust
Bank Address: 
6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200. Memphis, TN 38119
Beneficiary Name:
Maxyfi LLC
Type of Account: Checking
ABA Routing Number: 084106768
Account Number: 9801542246