Incubated Businesses


Jurisdiction of Formation: Delaware
Company Registration Number: 4917523 [download]
Date Registered: 01/29/2021
EIN: 86-2405546 [download]

447 Broadway, 2nd FL #605
New York, NY 10013
United States of America

Phone: +1(929)5260041
Fax: +1(929)5260042
Email: eknos [-AT-] tradecouncil [-DOT-] org

Chairperson(s): Manish Kumar Kansal / Yogesh Kumar

Related Business Concern(s): EKNOS
Related Business Concern Jurisdiction(s): India

Business Description:
Building the world’s first virtual reality fully immersive virtual conferencing platform that supports Oculus Quest 2 · Sony PlayStation VR · HTC Vive Cosmos headsets for in-person large scale conferences.