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Edysh LLC The International Trade Council - a Peak Body, Non-Profit, International Chamber of Commerce. Assisting Businesses and Governments involved in International Trade and Investment.
Edysh LLC

Jurisdiction of Formation: Delaware
Company Registration Number:  3337190 [download]
Date Registered: 07/28/2020
EIN: 85-3113358 [download]

24A Trolley Square #1338
Wilmington, DE 19806-3334
United States of America

Phone: +1(302)3085588
Fax: +1(302)3085807
Email: EDYSH1 [-AT-] tradecouncil [-DOT-] org

Chairperson(s): Vikas Dubey


Business Description:
Edysh LLC provides website design and artificial intelligence chatbots and logic-reasoning systems as an integration to existing websites. Our AI platform applies human-like reasoning to solve problems, much like how humans form conclusions using inference and logic, and helps answer questions, capture leads and elevate user insights through data correlation – resulting in more sales.