Incubated Businesses



Jurisdiction of Formation: Delaware
Company Registration Number: 5314773 [download]
Date Registered: 03/02/2021
EIN: 86-2840511 [download]

International Trade Council Business Incubator
712 H Street NE, Suite 1110
Washington DC 20002
United States of America

Phone: +1(341)6003615
Fax: +1(341)6003616
Email: edupilot [-AT-] tradecouncil [-DOT-] org

Chairperson(s): Shashi Kumar Ravi

Business Description:
EduTech services provider. Building a 3d classroom system to help educators reach their target audiences across the world. Auto converts training to many languages. Good for reaching developing countries. Also has interface to train via FB messenger.

Bank Account:

Bank Name: Evolve Bank & Trust
Bank Address: 
6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200. Memphis, TN 38119
Beneficiary Name:
Type of Account: Checking
ABA Routing Number: 084106768
Account Number: 9800616414