Incorporation Services

We understand that each type of business formation has different tax implications for their owners, and that it is important to choose the right program for your needs.  The International Trade Council has access to the right people and they bring with them the experience needed to get your business started on the right track. The Council can refer you to the right consultants who are able to provide businesses with incorporated assistance. We can also assist with extra add-ons including business plan development, entity selection, new business advisement, tax planning and more.

Some of the incorporation services include:

New Business Advisor. Council consultants can provide the knowledge you need to get your business started off right.

Entity Selection and Incorporation Assistance. Providing you with the assistance needed to determine the best type of entity for your business or organisation.

Strategic Tax Planning. Tax implications, as we know, are one of the biggest determining factors in incorporating. Our consultants will work with you to develop a plan to minimize your tax liability.

Business Plan Development. Every business needs a plan with Accountable Solutions; Council consultants can assist you in developing a practical plan that works for you.

Accounting Software Setup and Training. Council consultants can provide the guidance you need to get your accounting and bookkeeping software off the ground.