In-House Training

In house training can be provided by International Trade Council approved consultants to deliver the most cost-effective results for your business. By being able to arrange for one the Council’s approved and experienced trainers to visit your offices, we can provide any of our training courses at a date and time that suits your diary.

All of the Council’s approved trainers possess a combination of management experience, practitioner knowledge and industry know-how in their respective fields of profession. This enables them to deliver active learning programs to serve training needs across all industries. These programs include:

  • Management and Supervisory
  • Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Communications
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Service Excellence
  • Personal Effectiveness and Productivity

Bespoke in-house training services

A lot of businesses may have structures and procedures in place which differ from each other. For this, we can provide bespoke training program based on your business needs. We will work with you to customize each course to fit and satisfy your exact needs.

Business consulting services

Our consultants and partners also provide independent training advice and consultancy services. Consultancy services currently available include:

  • Business Excellence
  • Strategic Management
  • Service Excellence
  • HR Transformation
  • People Developer
  • Total Company Training Plan

Benefits of in-house training include:

  • Relevance: The training can be customized using organization specific content as it’s only your staff attending.
  • Convenience: You decide where and when and because we come to you time out of the office or off-site is reduced.
  • Cost-effective: Running an in-house session can be more economical in comparison with public scheduled courses.
  • Customized Solutions: The solutions we provide will be based on the objectives your organization wants to achieve.
  • Choice: We provide you with a selection of facilitators who suit your industry group, culture and people.

Letting your staff develop the skills required to deliver the best practice for your business or organization is utmost in our training programs. This will also provide them with the opportunity to gain industry-standard certifications and increased peer recognition.

In-house training services are provided to members of the International Trade Council at a subsidized rate.